Lenten Reflection

Lent is my favorite season of the liturgical calender. As an introvert and as someone who isn’t made uncomfortable by silence, this is a time of reflection that I greatly appreciate. I have a hard time giving things up for lent. When I’ve tried that in the past the focus almost invariably shifts entirely to that struggle of self denial. I lose sight of the deeper transformative relationship with God that is the reason for that self denial.

So instead of giving something up, lately I have chosen to take something on. This season I seek to take on adding a weekly Sabbath to my life. I’m actually no stranger to self denial, at least in the sense that I have a hard time balancing ‘work’ and play. I enjoy a lot of what I do, but I probably should stop considering community organizing, advocacy work and events of that nature as restful and fun. They are things I love, but they often take precedent over other things that I also love like baking, painting or jumping rope. In this sense of taking on a Sabbath I am also giving up the idea that I have to be productive and efficient in every aspect of life including the fun times.


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