Spring time

1. black skin


I have nothing to prove

No apologies

For who I am

No surprises

At my success

I have nothing

To prove

2. I am working on


Taking my time

Not worrying

I am working on


Standing tall

Over a new

Loaf of bread

Smells wafting through

The house

Lounging under a tree

Good book in hand

I am working on relaxing

Swaying gently in

My hammock

Sweet breeze


I am working on relaxing

3. Foreign feeling

Pit of my stomach




4. I am made of the sun

Dry bristly grass

Blue sky’s that go forever

So that I may keep on forever

I reach out

Trying to touch it

I am made of

Gentle winds

Naked trees

Spring sounds

And summer heat

That always makes me

Thirst for more

I am made of my mother’s flesh

My daddy’s art

My brother’s loyalty

My sister’s heart

My strength

I am made

5. Wind blowing, whistling

As it passes over

My soda pop

6. Unsure hug, silent

Request muffled by chatter

Have mercy on me

7. Park picnic table

Downcast eyes, hesitant gaze

Sir, please have a seat


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