Today I sit by the


Wind blowing

Children chattering at ducks

Sirens in the background

Today I sit by the


As friends pass

Old and new meet

Mingling with

New Understanding

Today I sit by the



each day may we be

gentler with ourselves, the earth,

and each other. Amen.


Lyrical Way

Song and dance, lyrical words and moves, artistic strokes, guiding us through the hardest days and hardest nights

Life not performances, realities of the world catching up with us, moving through us, connecting us 

Because we are not meant to walk this walk alone, we are not meant to heal alone. 

Guide our feet as we embrace hands extending love, hope and forgiveness in the dignity of the lives we live


Peace, P.E.A.C.E how do we spell peace? How do we say peace? when we have never known it when we know more about war, war with ourselves, war with each other, war with those who we have never known…

Source: P.E.A.C.E

Some Days

Some days I want to stop


I want to stop responding

Some days I want to pretend

that I don’t see

that I don’t know

what’s going on

But the call of


the call of


Is so loud

that even on ‘some days’

I cannot ignore it