The good in you sees

The good in me together we

Making things better



The darkest night of the year

It started in a classroom and ended in a hospital room

A piercing scream

Lumineers “Ophelia” on repeat

A mass shooting

A room so cold Filled with beeping

Snacks and a few pictures

That I thought would cheer you up

Because memories are sacred

And I wanted to hold on

To as many of them as possible

You came back for a second

To say goodbye

But then you were gone

And we were left to

Remember you

And your sources of happiness

Lyrical Way

Song and dance, lyrical words and moves, artistic strokes, guiding us through the hardest days and hardest nights

Life not performances, realities of the world catching up with us, moving through us, connecting us 

Because we are not meant to walk this walk alone, we are not meant to heal alone. 

Guide our feet as we embrace hands extending love, hope and forgiveness in the dignity of the lives we live