Part 1

Trying to live a

Softer life, speaking gentle

erasing trauma

Part II

Holding close my love

Of soothing hurt with flowers

Blooming healing balm

Part III

So that they may know

An innocence, a freedom

To pass on instead

Part IV

Although we do not

Forget, we set them free of

The bonds of that pain

Prosperity-a series of haikus

Part I

Sometimes I try to

Prosper like y’all forgetting

My family-regret

Part II

Then Remembering

That I don’t want that kind of

Prosperity, nope

Part III

Mimicking only

Leads to a repeat of long

Forgotten mistakes

Part IV

Instead I choose a

Path that we can take while

Leaving no one out

Part V

Together we go

Forward cherishing each step

Hand and hand-welcomed