Kinds of grief

There is a different

Kind of grief you feel

When you leave a home

You can never return to

When you leave

Friends you may never see again

There is a different

Kind of grief

You feel

When you can’t go back

But going forward

Also seems impossible

There is a different

kind of grief

You feel

But it is still grief

A five letter word

That swallows you whole


The darkest night of the year

It started in a classroom and ended in a hospital room

A piercing scream

Lumineers “Ophelia” on repeat

A mass shooting

A room so cold Filled with beeping

Snacks and a few pictures

That I thought would cheer you up

Because memories are sacred

And I wanted to hold on

To as many of them as possible

You came back for a second

To say goodbye

But then you were gone

And we were left to

Remember you

And your sources of happiness


You want proof, 

evidence of the value of 

Our lives

While still denying

What is right in front of you

Endless bloodshed

Based on fear.

While ignorance, blindness and silence

That we can never afford 

To have 


Our lives