That kind if intamacy

That builds

When you sleep in the same space

Share the same work

Learn together

The type of intimacy that builds

When you know each other

At your most vulnerable

At your most desperate

At a time when you are

Figuring it all out

That’s what I hold on to


Those Places

Do you have those places that mean so much to you,

That you can’t even visit

You can’t even think about

Without your heart filling with

A love

So big

So grand

That it swells and wraps

It’s arms

Around you as you smile and let

That feeling take over your heart

Do you have those places?

I feel happiest in my skin when

A writing prompt that ended with a poem

14. I feel happiest in my skin when…

I’m engaged in a good conversation with a good friend. I feel happier than words can describe. I know that I don’t always have words for many things but I especially feel happy when I can experess those words without ever using words.

Feelings I feel so strong that I can not voice them,

but instead my entire body vibrates with the joy of

just being in the presence of the people I love

and care so deeply about.

I may never be able to express those words but

my whole body,

my whole soul feels it.

I sometimes don’t want to

let those feelings go,

but when I do

I make space

For those feelings to come again.