Part 1

Trying to live a

Softer life, speaking gentle

erasing trauma

Part II

Holding close my love

Of soothing hurt with flowers

Blooming healing balm

Part III

So that they may know

An innocence, a freedom

To pass on instead

Part IV

Although we do not

Forget, we set them free of

The bonds of that pain

Physical memories

Physical memories

Have us walking paths

Without thinking

Following our senses

Giving way to the journey

Knowing we can trust

Our past selves as the guide

Leading us to where we need to be

Physical memories be magical like that

Prosperity-a series of haikus

Part I

Sometimes I try to

Prosper like y’all forgetting

My family-regret

Part II

Then Remembering

That I don’t want that kind of

Prosperity, nope

Part III

Mimicking only

Leads to a repeat of long

Forgotten mistakes

Part IV

Instead I choose a

Path that we can take while

Leaving no one out

Part V

Together we go

Forward cherishing each step

Hand and hand-welcomed