Daily Poetry Project

Often my poems are like prayers or songs that allow me to break away my fears of being too vulnerable or too emotional. I don’t always quite know what to do with emotions :). I often think that they are quite inconvenient although as I grow and evolve as a person I have realized the necessity of feeling. I still like to express my emotions through poetry though so as a challenge to myself and to encourage more writing I’ve decided to write one poem each day until the end of year.



Confession: After the last presidential election I was very afraid of white men. I don't want to lump all white men into one group, but I am still afraid of white men. I want this fear to go away. I don't feel safe standing up against white men or going into spaces that white men occupy.
I'd like to make a request to all white men who want to stand up against white supremacy and a hatred that makes us all unsafe. Do it. Your presence and your voice more than any other groups is required to speak out against white supremacy.

I see the pain

I see the pain
I see the pain of my friends who are white who get it. 

They want to apologize.they are deeply depressed. 

The disparity is overwhelming.  

They have not known this much pain before. 
They start to worry about us and reach out, asking how We are doing. 

We say despite the horrible things happening in the world. 

We are good. 
We can say this because We are strong. 

This is something We have been working against our entire lives. 

We can say this because We know that it will not go away. 

We can say this because despite those days when We just want to cover our heads and not get out of bed, We remember that the alternative is an even greater call to stay woke because we are good.

Cousins Like Mine

1. Cousins like Mine 

Maybe you have 

Cousins like mine

Brave and strong

Self sacrificing

Who you can call on at

Any time any where any place

Maybe you have 

Cousins like mine

Who you can call up

Anytime teasing and laughing

Having a good ol’ time

Maybe you have 

Cousins like mine

Who know the pain

Who know the love

Who know the grace

That our family has endured

Maybe you have 

Cousins like mine

That blend together more like 

Brothers and sisters

Maybe you have 

Cousins like mine

Lyrical Way

Song and dance, lyrical words and moves, artistic strokes, guiding us through the hardest days and hardest nights

Life not performances, realities of the world catching up with us, moving through us, connecting us 

Because we are not meant to walk this walk alone, we are not meant to heal alone. 

Guide our feet as we embrace hands extending love, hope and forgiveness in the dignity of the lives we live