Spending time with Friends

Who are more like family

Meeting trees that breath life

Doing some urban hiking

On bustling city streets

Knowing that those summer nights

Will see you through all of the transitions

That this season brings


I’ve written lots of poems about summer. They are never quite what I want them to be. It’s just as well, since it is such a complicated season that is often full of transitions. Last summer I treated myself to some pretty awesome trips where I got to formally meet some redwood trees and reflect on the unexpected happenings in my life that have proven interesting to say the least. Here is another poem for good measure.

Smiles that stretch across the country

Meeting laughter that boldly heals the earth


Day 10

Today is a Tracy Chapman kind of day

The kind of day were all my

Hopes and dreams are true

My freedom is not shackled







Today is a Tracy Chapman kind of Day

Day 5

Crisis never fully formed

Triggering memories of past tragedies

Making me wish that

I wasn’t tryin’

To pass on my baggage

Crisis never fully formed

Revealing past scars

Making me wish that

I would let them heal

Believing in his trust in me

Crisis never fully formed

Because I’m not the same as them

Making me understand that

That trust is true

And I can love too