I don’t worry about

Being perfect so much anymore

I choose to be

The night sky

In a well lit city

Still there but

Without all

My stars


All the time


The darkest night of the year

It started in a classroom and ended in a hospital room

A piercing scream

Lumineers “Ophelia” on repeat

A mass shooting

A room so cold Filled with beeping

Snacks and a few pictures

That I thought would cheer you up

Because memories are sacred

And I wanted to hold on

To as many of them as possible

You came back for a second

To say goodbye

But then you were gone

And we were left to

Remember you

And your sources of happiness


I feel happiest in my skin when

A writing prompt that ended with a poem

14. I feel happiest in my skin when…

I’m engaged in a good conversation with a good friend. I feel happier than words can describe. I know that I don’t always have words for many things but I especially feel happy when I can experess those words without ever using words.

Feelings I feel so strong that I can not voice them,

but instead my entire body vibrates with the joy of

just being in the presence of the people I love

and care so deeply about.

I may never be able to express those words but

my whole body,

my whole soul feels it.

I sometimes don’t want to

let those feelings go,

but when I do

I make space

For those feelings to come again.